The Shallow Pond documentary was made through the culmination of efforts of volunteers from all around the world.  José González soundtracks the film.  Humanaut donated countless hours of animation.  Daydream Reels and Cool Baby collectively produced and directed the film.  The Life You Can Save made the film a reality.  Of course, without the writings of Peter Singer, none of this would exist at all.  Read Singer’s original shallow pond premise here and, if you agree, donate to The Life You Can Save’s Recommended Charities.


Featuring Peter Singer


Music by José González

“The Forest”
Courtesy of Moondog Entertainment
Kobalt Music Publishing (BMI)

Courtesy of Moondog Entertainment
Kobalt Music Publishing (BMI)


Charlie Bresler Executive Producer
Laura Gamse Producer
Clay Thomas Direction, Additional Music, Sound Design
Annie Huntington Cinematography, Editing, Sound Design
Bernard Myburgh Additional Graphics


Animation by Humanaut
Bethany Maxfield Lead Animator


Thanks to

Guillermo Casanova
Tyler John
Kneil Place
Celeste Williams
Stella Williams
Morgan Johansson
Princeton University